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In this scary world, priority is to ensure your wellbeing and wellbeing of your loved ones. To do so, the stand multiple ways which you can live your life to the fullest and not remain caged at one place. First step towards safety is to take more precautionary measures which can help you to stay safe and protect your loved ones, we understand this and therefore, provide you with the best security installation services and products for the commercial and residential places.

Our Specialties

User-friendly handling

Generally, people install security system for emergency or urgent situatiosn and therefore, it is extremely important that the system is easy to use and execute. Therefore, we ensure for the system to remain user friendly for immediate execution and usage. This help the owner to utilize the system efficiently and to its maximum potential.

Advanced Technology

Our company specializes in providing customers with the best technology and equipments. For cars and other vehicles, people look for long-lasting, robust, highly efficient and customization in their camera and other security equipments. Therefore, our company uses the best of technology to provide the maximum benefit and highly efficient equipments to our customers.


One crucial and important part of our security system is recording. All of our system come with feature of recording of the data without connectivity and provide backup up to 24 hours. This ensures that the owner to access it without any worry and access all the needed and confidential information without any problem.

Smart Alert system

Based on the customization by the owner of the system, we add alert and alarm features to help our customers further. This helps the customers to avoid any mishap and enjoy life without any fear.

Fire prevention in accommodation facilities

It is the perception, obviously wrong, that you are in that particular place just to have fun, to feel good, to meet new people, to be refreshed and not to be exposed to danger. It then happens that we underestimate the alarm signals and above all we find ourselves in a situation of rest, not wakefulness, and of intimacy. All these factors combine to make the reaction times to people’s alarms particularly long the activation of the alarm systems and the start of evacuation operations expands. Statistically, these times are even a few tens of minutes. These are unsustainable times, which are likely to give the occupants direct experience of the fire – with consequences, in the worst cases, lethal.

Many small realities …

There are also new receptive realities that escape from an administrative point of view the fire prevention control, because of small dimensions, such as the former apartments converted into B & Bs, perhaps family-run and which enjoy, among other things, a series of simplifications in the start-up phase due to their very nature. A simplification in the absence of employees and the exemption from Legislative Decree 81 for example, and therefore no risk assessment document, with particular reference to the fire one. Surely these realities offer opportunities for work, accommodation, redevelopment of buildings and boosting tourism even in cities that are not traditionally devoted to the same. But it happens that in the same building several micro accommodation activities of this type coexist.

… make a great reality

Basically we are faced with a large accommodation facility, which should therefore be subjected to fire prevention control. In the form, however, many small structures coexist whose control is not mandatory and therefore no detection system, no protection of escape routes, lack of alternative escape routes with often a single staircase (the same for normal access) which, if inhibited because it is full of smoke from a single storey fire, completely eliminates the possibility of escape from any upper storey. And again: the absence of compartmentalization that can cause the spread of fire between the floors and finally, but certainly not least, any non-fire-propagating product (curtains, coverings, carpets, mattresses, etc.). I am absolutely certain that many have happened to stay in structures of this type.

SOS administrator

A large accommodation facility is therefore equated in fact, but not by law, to a residential building, with the difference that attendance is occasional, differentiated by culture, class, origin, etc. etc. I believe it is the case that the association of condominium administrators takes a diligent part in managing this complex situation, especially due to the fact that, being themselves responsible for the safety of the buildings they manage, an accidental event would put them in an unhappy situation. .

Restaurants, places of worship

And the restaurants? The places of worship? In the former, the fire risk is not negligible, but they do not fall within the activities subject to fire prevention control regardless of size: even this issue does not require sufficient caution. Applying “only” the Ministerial Decree 10/3/98 , ie the only fire safety criteria in the workplace to protect workers, is in my opinion reductive, at least for catering centers that cover several hundred guests. For places of worship, there is no kind of caution and even in this case I am not online. It is true that statistics are on the side of the legislator, but it is equally true that the risk remains and mitigating it even with simple measures would be desirable. Happy holidays and attention.

Data network system: Advice for installation

In our opinion, whether it is a company or a private individual, it does not matter: we always recommend identifying a “technical” area where the optical fiber or copper connection from the ISP can arrive and install the modem-router and all the network devices (routers, switches, any poe switch for the cameras, any hub for domotic installations, DVR or NVR to manage the cameras). A single cabinet, tidy and with a well-labeled patch panel, will immediately appear professional even to the eye of the most technology-starved customer.

Order = professionalism

It is very important, in fact, to guarantee an order of cable laying inside the wiring cabinets starting from the passive components, cables and patch panels, in order to ensure the future maintenance technician an immediate view of all the connections to and from the equipment. installed, through the use of different colors for the permutations of components of the same type (for example red for the alarm, blue for the CCTV system , gray for the home network, etc.).

It is better then to make sure that the wardrobe has safety locks: in full compliance with the GDPR we could even alarm the opening.

Mains voltage

The distribution of the mains voltage should not be underestimated: one or more rack power strips , perhaps dedicated, with the use of SHUCKO sockets and switches. usually one is more than enough (there are UPSs created specifically for rack installation and in fact it is the preferable solution, with powers that easily reach 1000 – 5000 VA). Often the use of UPS with 800 – 1000 VA power can satisfy most cases.


It is then essential to provide the end customer with detailed documentation of all the addresses given to all the components, the different classes assigned to the different branches that make up the safety system. It will then be necessary, upon delivery of the system, a mini-course on the description of the equipment installed in the cabinet to have an immediate feedback analysis in case of breakdowns or malfunctions.


Finally, we would like to sensitize readers to maintenance contracts. Maintenance should be ensured for all safety systems: periodic testing of a system is in fact the natural prerequisite for an optimal maintenance of the proposed system. Depending on the risk, the maintenance should be every 6 months up to once a year. In addition to the visual, functional check of the individual components, maintenance could be an important appointment for updating any firmware or software installed.

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